Feb 3, 2008

West Chester Art Collective's 1st show!

Im thrilled to announce the largely successful first group show for the West Chester Art Collective! After several months of meeting and planning, we finally got our ideas off the ground, and our pieces on the wall.

Fridays opening brought in a great crowd , and a few pieces were even sold in the first hour! Fennario Coffee Shop in downtown West Chester was gracious enough to allow us the use of their upstairs, which turned into a great place to show art. Im sure they were pleased with the turnout.

"Corporal Dissolution" Mixed media on appropriated print.

I showed the above piece, which I created especially for this show, along with an older painting, shown in a previous post. The positive response to this piece was astounding, and I even had a few offers from buyers. (Unfortunately, they all low-balled the hell out of me.)

The first one is always the toughest, and we are glad to have it under out belts. The next group show will most likely be in April, but there have been rumors of some smaller shows in the meantime...


Meredith said...

the show was great! glad i got a chance to check it out!

Linette said...

Do you need to live in West Chester to participate in this show? What if you were born and raised in West Chester? Hhmm? I would love submit work next time around and 'Represent' yo!
Sorry I missed the show, looked like a fun time! Having a baby sort of limits my social life :)

keith buque panganiban said...

wow, nice paintings
im a fan of painting.
can i publish those in blogspot.